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Can I make an appointment with you? 

Yes! My books are open!


Can I meet your for a consult? 

Of course! All of my consults are in person at Lucky Cat Tattoo or if you are out of state, we can set up a zoom call!


What’s your next block of booking?

July, August and September 2024


What days and times are available?

 I work Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday- normally we start at 11:30 am.

*Please note: I have a lot of Saturday clients- if you need Saturday appointments, you may have to wait longer*

To focus more on each project, I am only available to tattoo ONE person a day

I have a four hour minimum! Which means that you have to sit for at least 4 hours, but you have the option to sit for up to 6 hours. 


  How much will it cost me? 

 You have four options: 

 Four hours: $1000

 Five hours: $1250

Six hours: $1500


What if I can't sit for four hours?

Unfortunately, tapping out- or not being able to sit for a 4 hour session- will result in you still owing $1000. This is how I support my family and put food on the table. 


What if I want a small tattoo that will take less than four hours? 

 I can make accommodations if my schedule allows- it never hurts to ask! If my schedule is at full capacity, I can refer you to one of my trusted coworkers at Crybaby Tattoo. 


How long does an arm sleeve take?

 This is such a hard question to answer because everyone’s body, design and healing process is different. I’ve finished sleeves in 35 hours and I’ve finished sleeves that have taken me 80 hours. The best way to approach this is to just assumed we’ll be working together for at least a year.

Please keep in mind the more sessions you give me on a consistent basis (ideally once a month) the more fluid your tattoo process will be. 


Clients who fixate on “getting their sleeve done in X amount of sessions” add external pressure to an already stressful and tedious process. I do everything in my power to move at a fast pace, but I’m also a perfectionist and really don’t like rushing through something so permanent. Enjoy the process!!:) It’s a unique and life changing experience. 


What if I’m an existing client used to the old rate? 

As of April 2022, my rate has increased to $250/hour. Clients who have started projects with me in the beginning of 2022 will be locked into the previously agreed upon rate until their project is completed. All new clients and existing clients who are looking to start new projects with me in the future will be at $250/hour. 


Do I have to leave a deposit? 

 Yes!! To hold an appointment date and time you must leave a $200 deposit! 


Is my deposit refundable? 

Unfortunately no. Once your deposit is given it is not refundable. You are allowed to reschedule! BUT you must give me 48 hours notice! If you do not give me 48 hours notice your deposit will be lost and you will have to put down another one to reschedule your appointment


When can I use my deposit?

 Your deposit comes off the price of the LAST appointment that completes your tattoo! 


What are my best chances of getting an appointment? 

An open mind, a flexible schedule and a good attitude!!! 

You can come to me with specific ideas BUT just know that when I suggest other unique ideas I am just trying to make your tattoo stand out and be different from everyone else! The pieces you see on social media are my clients who let me have creative control! I will not replicate someone else's tattoo or style.

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